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by Sk Salman
About IndiFT

First of all we will tell you what is IndiFT? What is the meaning of IndiFT? Indift is a short form of “INDIAN FINANCIAL TIPS”. Now you guys have understood what is “IndiFT”.

The Main Purposse of creating this website is, To share the more information about Financial, investment, share market, Mutual Funds and insurance Tips or Idea. You can Get all information related to these things in english and also in Hindi language.

Education is our strength, our strength and trust.

We believe in this, to earn money, you learn some work, and the more you become experienced about that work, the more your income increases, so if you want to be financially strong First you have to learn about finance planning. for example: where to invest, how can you save money, best health insurance for you, which bank is giving best intrest rate in Fd or rd, which will be best investment plans for your retirement, where to invest for your child future, what is the safe way to invest in india.

There are many such questions in people’s mind and the answers to the questions you will get here in INDIFT.Com.

You will notice that whatever you do today, you are earning your income, either you have taken his education, or you have taught that work from your experience, and today you know that work, It is very easy to understand the work, but this work which is easy for you to experience after so many experiences, for a new person who has some information about your work or listening to it or trying to do your work , So he is quite Kil is expected to be many times that man might also impair the work, which is easy to do for you.

Just like financial planning, you can secure your and Your child’s future. So always remember that without doing well planning you can’t get Success in your life.

By becoming financial planning and learning, you can make more money than you earn, and on the other hand you can lose your wealth in the absence of information and experience and discipline.

Therefore, the way you, your any kind of income, i.e. for JOB or business, first learns about the work you want to earn, In the same way, if you want to make Income or Wealth Creation in the Finance, you have to learn about the financial tips or planning, and as you become experienced, your income will increase automatically.

And about financial planning, investment, stock market, insurance, you can learn all in simple language, this is our attempt through this blog and website.

Thank You

IndiFT Team